10 Kinds of Boyfriends We’ve All Had In Our Dating Lives

We’ve all had our share of diverse boyfriends in the past (and maybe, in the present too). In fact, they were all so different that you could distinguish them via their personalities. Right from the over- confident guy to the overly romantic dude, we’ve all had them in our lives at some point or the other. We’re listing down few types of boyfriends you’ve most probably had and did not make it to your best decision list, well because, love is truly blind.

The Extra-Romantic Guy

This guy gets all his romantic tricks and tips through romantic movies from all around the world. His conversations with you starts with ‘Hello chakare’ and ends with ‘I love you, muthe. Uma’. Sending you red roses, Dairy Milk Silk chocolate, and a love letter is his jam. Oh yeah, he kisses a lot too, on your forehead, cheeks, and lips to show how much he loves you.

The Naadan

A new-gen guy can never argue with the Naadan guy because making him understand that couples can kiss in public is a lost cause. This guy loves tradition so much that he would only be with a girl who loves sarees, wears mulla poo, kanmashi, pottu, and has a tinge of naanam. His usual dialogue – “Keralam, oru vere sugham annu tto”.

The Jerk

The worst of them all! He is emotionally needy and he thinks through his ego and perhaps, his dick too. The Jerk is all kinds of chauvinist, sexist, and highly ego-centric. He would do anything to attract attention. 

The Woke Guy

This type of boyfriend lets his heart lead his life. Breaking societal norms because he doesn’t do tradition and following his passion makes him one of the best boyfriend types one could ever have. He would do unimaginable things because, why the hell not?

The Dominant Guy

He is kind of like the Jerk guy, but in a very subtle and creepy way. He exerts dominance through his words and actions. Controlling his partner is his first instinct and any action from his partner can trigger anger-like emotions. Don’t be with this guy, he is highly toxic!

The Clingy Guy

This guy does not understand the concept of personal space. He needs to know when his partner sleeps, eats, and poops every single day. He doesn’t really stop texting you so even if his partner says goodbye multiple times, he will text something back. He is very suspicious and overly curious of his partner’s everyday doings, always scared that she would cheat on him. And moreover, he does not realise when the relationship is over; he just does not know when to let go!

The Jealous Guy

He is the kind of guy who gets extra jealous when another guy flirts with his girl. The Jealous guy has a very low self-esteem and therefore, is insecure. Sometimes, he also envies his partner’s personal life and starts to get clingy. 

The Horny Guy

The Horny guy gets turned on by anything and everything his partner does. One of the sole reasons he is in a relationship is because he gets to have a partner who he can have sex with or do some foreplay. Whenever he finds an opportunity, he would kiss his partner. Everything is just sexy for him.

The Casanova

Then there’s the f*ckboy who’s addicted to the game of love. He doesn’t understand the concept of single partner relationship. He may come of as ‘not a player’ on social media, but he is definitely dating two or more people at the same time. Oh yes, he is also never ready to get emotionally involved. 

The Extra-Mile Guy

This is the kind of guy all women have dreamt to be with. The extra-mile guy would do anything for his girl, including crossing continents to meet her. He’s the kind of romantic who is damn sure of his commitments, of which, one of it is his girl. He would basically go above and beyond to put a smile on his girl’s face.

We’re pretty sure you’ve meet at least one of these personas in your dating life. If we have missed out on any, drop a comment below.

Aishwarya Gopinathhttps://pinklungicom.wordpress.com/
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.


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