10 Iconic Mohanlal Dialogues That We Use in Daily Life

I’ve always been a Mohanlal fan. Probably because Yoddha was the first movie I saw in the theatre and Mohanlal left me spellbound. How can you not become a fan of Akosoto? But Mohanlal has not just entertained us with his acting skills, he has etched quite a lot of one-liners into our memory with his impeccable dialogue delivery.

Here’s our list of 10 iconic one-liners from the superstar.

Othiram…kadakam…ozhivu…kadakathil ozhivu…pinne ashokanum

Thought I’d start with Yodha. How many times have you used this line in a fight? Every time someone picks a fight with you, you know you’ve got this scene running in the back of your head.

Sadhanam kayyilundo?

Mohanlal and Sreenivasan are a comedic duo like no other. They turn this simple spy movie trope into a gag that makes us laugh every time we watch it. And from the day Akkare Akkare Akkare hit theatres, we’ve been asking “sadhanam kayyilundo?” every chance we get.

Davidetta Kingfisher undo, chilled?

Every drinking plan starts with “Oru naranga vellam kaachiyallo??” and escalates to “Davidetta Kingfisher undo, chilled?” within minutes!

Nee po mone Dinesha!

Ain’t this the ultimate comeback?

Friend: “Give me the Rs. 500 that you borrowed last week.”
You: “Nee po mone Dinesha!”

*enough said*

Narcotics is a dirty business

First used in Sagar Alias Jacky, this iconic line has been made even more famous by its use in Lucifer. Since we are not drug-lords, we have to make do with using it every time a friend picks up a cigarette!

Angamalyyille ammavan aaranna paranjye?

Have you ever heard your friend say something so stupid that the only logical response to it was, “angamalyyille ammavan aaranna paranjye?”. Can’t think of a better way to convey that message!

Vijaya, namukkenthada ee buddhi nerathe thonathathu?

You’re bound to say this every time someone comes up with a solution to a problem that you couldn’t solve.

Oru beedi undo sagave theeppettiyedukan?

Though this line was used extensively throughout Lal Salam, it was Mohanlal’s delivery that solidified its presence in our memories. Now we end up using it every time we want to borrow a smoke from someone.

I am the answer!

Said during the iconic “How many kilometres from Washington DC to Miami Beach?” scene, this is one line that we use every time someone asks a question we don’t have an answer to.


I am yet to meet a Malayali who does not know that “mudhugauv” means “kiss”. I guess that goes to show how popular the word is.


Now that was our list. Have we missed your favourite Mohanlal dialogue? Please let us know in comments.

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